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Wendy Irwin has captured the value of fresh fruits, vegetables, gemstones, astrological signs, and singing bowls, arranging them here, in her book, Wendy’s Whimsical Recipes: 777 Charkas Gemstones Singing bowls she has fashioned them to provide maximum benefit for the mind, body and spirit.

 Wendy has designed her book with customized pages, formatted for easy viewing, categorizing your personalized zodiac sign, with your herbal tea, and vegetable  source, matching them with your chakra, and the Hz frequencies of singing bowls, our universal allies, all to create and harmonize you spirit guide, secrets from the universe that God the father of Christ Jesus, and of you and I, created at our finger tips, an available source for us all, “the law of tapping into our own source” creating our reality = Quantum Physics = levels of energy, she also call them vibrations, if the same result is the same, she calls them signs; Signs can be altered by using the helpful recipes herein this coverage, also she includes methods, that Wendy offers to a few select clients that find is difficult to stay in prayer, or pray for themselves, in her 21 days of prayer, she uses candle invocations and prayer she performs by tilling your soil, planting your seed, reaping your harvest, so to speak. In Wendy’s book she covers wholesome edible products perfectly harmonized to circulate the bodies fluids for each seven charkas that we will be discovering herein.